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How to Lead

a Thriving School

Author Marg Dodds


Marg Dodds

Educator, Author, Consultant

I have been in education for 36 + years.

I was a classroom teacher with Grades 1 through 8 for 20 years before transitioning to the role of Elementary Public School Principal.


I have taught on 4 different continents,  worked as an education consultant with school boards and principals both locally and internationally, providing educational consultation, coaching and support towards the development of thriving schools.


 I believe every child deserves support to reach their richest dreams. 

From the Author

"The main purpose of spending time at school is to gain the academic knowledge & skills to help you to succeed in the future. In order to accomplish this goal, we must work co-operatively with rules and processes that everyone understands so that we know what is expected of each of us as we go about our daily work".
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Are you a new Principal wondering where to begin? Are you an experienced Principal looking to implement new communication structures and processes?


Book a 1hour FREE education consultation with Marg Dodds today! Kickstart your new role in Administration and be on the road to building a Healthy, Strong and Successful School


Do you feel like your school Administration needs fresh new structure and processes?


Book a workshop with Marg Dodds today!

Provide your staff with a complete one-day workshop that breaks down simple processes and troubleshoots communication struggles.

Set your school up for a successful year!


Marg Dodds Consulting Recommended

Chris R.

In my 42 years as an educator and principal, I had the pleasure of witnessing Marg excel in her practice and pass on her love of learning to each student, staff member, and family she was involved with. Marg always demonstrated incredibly strong leadership and positivity in her work. Her passionate dedication showcased her commitment to the profession and her journey as a lifelong learner. Those in Marg’s presence were (and still are) consistently motivated to expand their learning and improve their own practice. Each school that Marg has graced is truly lucky.”


Chris Rous, Principal Emeritus,

Algoma District School Board

Krista L.

When I went into administration, I knew that if I could build relationships  like Marg Dodds, I could build strong school cultures of caring.  A caring school builds learners who are able to problem solve and become independent students and contributing members of a community.  


After a particularly challenging day during the 2020 - 2021 school year which was constantly bookmarked by the global pandemic, a teacher approached me and said "you learned well from Margie".  The staff member thanked me for supporting her student, the student's family and her during and after this event. Those words meant so much.  


School cultures change for the better when strong, working relationships are built.  Marg Dodds lives this in every interaction. 


Krista Lappage


Kim F.

In my experience Marg can relate … she thrived when she joined my ESL team on a short term trip to China and is equally respected for her leadership over many years in our school board. Her consummate professionalism and vivacious nature equip her to succeed in challenging settings. I have a lot of respect both for her ideas and the way she communicates her message. It just highlights her gift in the area of relationship building within the field of education. Marg’s positive impact on our students directly contributed to a contract renewal of our program.


Kim Fennema, 

China International Services Recruiter & Team Leader



Great Teachers Never Stop Learning

Kids are like sponges. They watch every interaction between the people in their lives. All the adults in our school buildings need to be role modelling courteous behaviour at all times.

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